Construction of a neighborhood oven at Vive Les Groues.

Vive les Groues serves as an incubator for local initiatives brought to life by Yes We Camp and partners. Its purpose is to create sustainable projects and relationships that can continue their lives within the neighborhood once the site has been turned into a residential district.

My proposal to build a neighborhood oven was chosen to be executed during the 10 days STUN camp. With the help of voluntary participants and using almost entirely locally sourced materials with a design adapted to available resources I initiated the construction of a multi-purpose oven. It is supposed to be used by neighbors who already make use of the weekly “open BBQ” happening there, and is going to be inaugurated on 23/11/19.

Economic independence is the struggle and the goal for most organisations. Often it is beer. Often it is funding. Both result in issues like having to explain what for the money is used. That’s why a common goal is to develop a product which can be sold apart from the main activity or can become the main activity. 

⁣The materials to construct the oven we almost entirely sourced on site. From digging and measuring the clay content of the soil, over adding minerals, crushed refractory bricks and straw to the mixture, to working everything by hand (and foot) – a huge amount of physical labor was put into refining the material. ⁣

I framed the construction as an experimental project in the experimental setting of a temporary space. The inner structure was made with parts that can all be disassembled and potentially reused after the outer dome is built. Working with limited resources required identifying material mixtures based on previous material tests, prototyping and research. 

The oven is mobile and can be moved with a trans-pallet. Right now it is drying thoroughly, protected from rain, to be tested and inaugurated end of November. If you are based in and around Paris, save the 23/11/19 in your calendar.⁣

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