My position in the project (after midterms)

“With my work, I promote accessibility, which I provide through my enthusiasm of getting my work “out there” and test it with “real” people. I work intuitively and promote learning through making, togetherness, and inclusivity. I position myself as an optimistic, often naive, initiator of co-creation. “

What I find the most interesting to take forward

In the next 2 weeks, I will take forward the “transformative tool”, the oven. I will research potential political positions an oven can take by bringing people together, and what urgencies it can address. I would like to explore the creation of rituals or meaning through baking. In times of individualism, I perceive a lack of collaboration and exchange or democratic discourse. 

I will look at the space an oven is placed in and the space an oven creates. 

I will look at the different shapes of bread (and meaning) different ovens produce. 

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