Proposal for the construction of a neighborhood oven at STUN camp

I propose to do a wood-fired oven with space for dough preparation and a table for manual works or educative workshops. I imagine the oven as a communal space, atelier, and school. Baking, workshops and dough preparation take place all on-site. Baking bread also relates to breaking bread, sharing and eating together. 

In the past, bread was baked locally and collaboratively. A bread oven was often commonly owned or shared with the community. Working steps related to the act of baking were split and shared. Often, families brought their own pre-shaped dough to bake. Today, baking bread is mostly performed by highly specialized or automated businesses. 

front view
top view

Producing a big amount of bread results in a big amount of flour and water needing to be mixed. Therefore a mechanical dough kneader would be good, a mechanism that is rotated through e.g. a stationary bike as a human-powered power source. Of course, other methods are thinkable. 

Utensils for baking need to be produced, which are long wooden tools for firing, cleaning ashes and placing bread. To support the dough during maturation, several dozens of baskets should be made. A big wooden work surface and stools should be produced. There needs to be some kind of roof (carpentry work), as well as a chimney. Shelves for storage and a sheltered spot to store wood would be good to have. 

Building an oven would result in a range of tasks that ought to be done.  These consist of masonry work (laying bricks, building the oven base) and creating an inner scaffolding for the dome (from wood which will be burnt away in the first firing). The dome might be made out of clay and straw (or other isolation).  

The complexity of the whole project would be increased by placing the kiln on a trailer or on wheels. This then would underline the temporary character of the space it is placed in, but also could act as a community oven for different quartiers in the city. 

Specialist in this field in Paris: Salut les CoPains, Montreuil 

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